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Looking for slash fic beta

Hi y'all,

I'm looking for a beta that would read through the three sga slash fics,
That I wrote last week.

They are mcsheppard, and I adore bottomMckay
Issues that I deal with are angst, emotional abuse, sexual abuse of a minor,
Torture (kolya!) all very non graphic mainly,

So if you've got a strong constitution
And your English is better than mine( not that hard, I've only been using it for
15 years) than please help me publish these fics.
There must be people out there who love Rodney as much as I do



"I'm not gonna roll his fat ass..."
Rodney fled the mess hall, his eyes locked firmly onto the floor, barely registering that he bumped into somebody entering through the doors as he left.

Major Sheppard, current victim of the scientist's sharp ellbows, opened his mouth to rib MacKay about his blindness but the man had already disappeared without even acknowledging him.

He shrugged it off, just another case of MacKay's brain being too preoccupied to notice the rest of the world. He looked around for a seat, noticing a table near the door where somebody had obviously forgotten to clean up after himself, looking at a few napkins that seemed to have equations scrawled onto them hastily John sighed and picked the tray up, glancing over the numbers he picked a few simple side calculations to throw away and put two absolutely stunning pieces of math into his pockets.
Remembering the last time Rodney had turned all of Atlantis upside down because he had lost a piece of paper on which he had scribbled a translation of Ancient math that could simply not be redone.
Tags: angst, h/c, slash, whump

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