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Can anyone help?

Hey guys! I'm new here and searching for a beta mostly for spelling and grammer mistakes. I'd really appreaciate it!

The Love of Three
Summary:In response to my own challenge/request at sga-santa and a sga-kinkmeme on livejournal. Sheppard/McKay/Weir threesome. Aliens make all three of them do it. Elizabeth & Rodney both end up with pregnant with John's kids, who is extreamly protective of them.
Warning/Disclaimer:mpreg obviously, some swearing, mostly from John and possible violence later on. I own nothing. Everything belongs entirely to MGM/Showtime. No money will be made from this.
A/N:This takes place around the end of season one and the trio have been together for a few months, but danced around each other since the begining. Atlantis may never make contact with Earth so I guess this could be considered an Alternate Universe.
Established relationship

Chapter One:here
Tags: au, het, mpreg, slash, threesome

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