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Category of the fics you'd beta: Almost anything; I most prefer humor, team, drama, gen, and/or preslash/first-realization, but will beta most anything (including death, slavery, and non-con), subject to the restrictions in the next prompt.
Category of the fics you won't beta: PWP. Character is raped and thereby discovers a new kink/learns to like it. Non-consensual slavery as kink. Sexual trauma resolved by magical healing ... ahem, member. Highly experimental or dense style/structure -- innovation is fine, but nothing that leaves me going "... whuh?" or feeling I've just watched a David Lynch film. Songfics.
Fics with extensive explicit scenes, especially het (but brief explicit scenes are okay). I'm fine with higher ratings for dark themes or in-passing sex, but if you're aiming for a higher rating only because of explicit sex, I'm not going to be a good choice: Sex scenes do little for me and I tend to skim them, which is not useful in a beta.
Pairing of the fics you'd beta (if applicable): I prefer Rodney as one of the pairing/grouping but will try most anything. I'm put off by Elizabeth/anyone, Kavanagh/anyone, and Cameron Mitchell/anyone, though -- although they're fine if they're not the focus.
Pairing of the fics you won't beta (if applicable): See previous prompt.
If not pairing oriented, character fics you'd beta: Basically anybody, but I do have trouble warming to Elizabeth and Kavanagh, so I might not be your first choice for fics about them.
If not pairing oriented, character fics you won't beta: None.
Type of beta you'd do: Grammar, spelling, punctuation. Phrasing/language flow. Continuity and canon. Character voice, to an extent. Plot/structure (basic level). Reality checks on various elements, including entry-level medical/trauma content. I'm happy to do multiple passes.
Length of the fics you'd beta: No restrictions, but I need to know upfront what turnaround is needed, and figure I'll need at least one day per 5k words (negotiable).

Status 3 September 2009: Yellow.
Tags: action, angst, au, bdsm, crack!fic, crossover, darkfic, deathfic, drama, fluff, gen, h/c, humor, non-con, slash, team, threesome, whump
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