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Category of the fics you'd beta: Most. However, I admit I don't have a liking for slash, and will not touch rape fics.  (Never have been comfortable with rape fics and hit overload with a friend who like every fandom they're in, they have to write rape fics...  ugh!)

Category of the fics you won't beta: First Person is not my cup of tea - usually not done very well to keep my interest. 

Pairing of the fics you'd beta: Most. I'm a big Sparky! fan.  (Sheppard/Weir)

Pairing of the fics you won't beta: OC-Centric, because I'm scared of the dreaded Mary Sue. Again, not a huge slash fan, so McShep and any pairings in that category, I wouldn't be your first choice. 

If not pairing oriented, character fics you'd beta: Any. I am an admitted Shep Whumpaholic.  *laugh*

If not pairing oriented, character fics you won't beta: - None.

Type of beta you'd do: All. My strengths are spelling and characterization.  Punctuation I'm decent at, but the super technical details of English are not my forte.  (It's been years since I took an English writing class.)

Length of the fics you'd beta: Any length - it doesn't matter.  The shorter ones I will be able to do in usually a few days.  Longer ones, I just ask for the fic to be broken up into sections to make it easier on my poor ADD riddled mind.  *g*
Tags: action, angst, au, drama, fluff, gen, h/c, het, humor, pwp, team, whump

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