beah (beahorgana) wrote in sga_beta,

Category of the fics you'd beta: Action, Humor, Team, Fluff, Slash, Gen, Het, Mpreg, Deathfic, PWP, Smut (ESPECIALLY smut, nrrgh)
Category of the fics you won't beta: Threesome, BDSM, Non-con
Pairing of the fics you'd beta: Basically anything imaginable
Pairing of the fics you won't beta: John/anyone but Rodney - but McBeck, McDex and McEtc are definitely allowed (I allow Rodney to get away w/ so much)
If not pairing oriented, character fics you'd beta: Any
Type of beta you'd do: Spelling and grammar - but if someone is horrifically OOC or otherwise unbelievable chances are I will not be able to stop myself from telling you
Length of the fics you'd beta: Any

I realize it's been about sixty years since anyone has posted here, so maybe all of you lovely writers are paired off, and I'm new to beta-ing; but I can attest to having five years of copy-editing experience at various school publications. Also I'm hilarious. So I hope to hear from you (and the characters I so deeply love)!

Tags: action, deathfic, fluff, gen, het, humor, mpreg, pwp, slash, smut, team

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